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Overhead view of cool roof painting.
Improving the safety, sustainability, and comfort of affordable housing and community buildings
As climate change brings rising temperatures and more intense heat waves, more and more people will be exposed to heat stress. This will have negative long term consequences for their health, well-being, and ability to live a full and productive life.

Cool roofs are a low-cost, effective, and easy way to improve the safety, comfort, and sustainability of buildings, including affordable housing and community spaces like clinics and schools.

Our mission is to make cool roof innovation accessible to the people who are most at risk from heat stress but have the least financial means to protect themselves from its effects.
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Why cool roofs?

In most climates, cool roofs are a very effective way to improve comfort for people indoors or reduce energy consumption from air conditioning.

They are low cost, easy to install and maintain, are available from many different suppliers, and can be applied to most roof surfaces.

Many cool roof products are also waterproof.
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How it works

When sunlight hits a building or enters through windows, the building heats up. The roof is usually the hottest part of the building because it is always facing the sun. Reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof is a very effective way to keep the building cool.

Cool roofs are roofs painted with reflective white paints that keep cool under sunlight. They also emit heat that has built up indoors.
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Photo courtesy of Échale
Photo courtesy of Échale

Using cool roofs

There are many cool roof products that are affordable and easy to install. It is easiest and cheapest to switch to a cool roof as part of a regular installation or maintenance cycle.
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